Tennis with a twist

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Tennis with a twist
Tennis with a twist
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Pop Tennis

In POP Tennis, the court is a little smaller, the ball a little slower, the racquet a little shorter — the combination of which add up to a lot of fun.

POP Tennis is a great starter sport for beginners of all ages, an easy way for social tennis players to switch up their routine or for competitors to find new ways to win. POP Tennis is most frequently played in a doubles format, although, popularity in singles play is increasing, so grab a mate and try the sport soon to sweep the globe.

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Pop Tennis Features

An outline of the



  • The server is allowed only one serve per point
  • That serve must be an underarm serve
  • The server serves from the baseline, alternating between deuce court and ad court (right and left)
  • The serve must land in the diagonally opposite service box


  • Just like traditional tennis you can play tiebreak sets, with advantage scoring within each game
  • e.g. 15, 30, 40, Ad-Game

The Essential Gear

The Court

The Court

POP Tennis has two possible court-size options. Both are smaller than a Tennis court and all that is required is a lower net and portable lines.

The Paddle

The Paddle

Pop Tennis paddles swap the strings for a hole-filled strike zone made of fiberglass or carbon fibre.

The Ball

The Ball

50% and 75% the compression of a normal tennis ball for lower bounces and longer rallies.

An overview of the



POP Tennis can be played on virtually any surface including synthetic grass, clay, hard court or hard sand.

Court Dimensions

Length: 15.24m

Width: 6.096m

Net Height: 78.74cm at middle

Ken Lindner
How we got so


In 2015, Ken Lindner took over as President of the United States Paddle Tennis Association (USPTA). Ken’s tireless efforts promoting the sport resulted in many positives including the name change/rebranding to POP Tennis with Ken as POP Founder, national media exposure and, most important, the USPTA developed relationships with the Tennis Industry Association and the United States Tennis Association.

In late 2016, the Board of the USPTA voted to rename the association the International POP Tennis Association (IPTA) and elected Jerry Pham President. Jerry led the charge through the end of 2017 creating momentum overseeing POP appearances at industry events and organizing promo demos across the US. In early 2018, Mitch Kutner was elected president and continued the plans & visions of the IPTA for exponential growth. Mitch plays an active role today growing the sport not only in the USA but across the globe.

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  • What is POP Tennis?

    POP Tennis is a fun twist of tennis that’s played on smaller courts, with shorter, solid paddles and low compression tennis balls. POP can be played on indoor or outdoor courts and is very easy to learn. It’s a fun, social activity that everyone can enjoy—even if you’ve never touched a tennis racquet.

  • Is POP Tennis easy to play?

    Extremely! POP Tennis is an easy racquet ball sport to learn and is easy on the body to play. You can play it on a regular tennis court using portable lines and a smaller net, and the rules are almost identical to tennis. POP can be played anywhere! Not everyone has access to tennis courts. Portable nets and temporary lines can be set anywhere for a fun experience.

  • Why is it called POP Tennis?

    When the POP paddle hits a POP tennis ball, it makes a ‘pop’ sound. POP culture and POP music are also synonymous with playing POP, So, POP Tennis it is!

  • What makes POP Tennis so much fun?

    POP Tennis takes all the best bits of tennis and combines them up with a court and equipment that make the game easier to play. The result is a social sport that’s as laidback or competitive as you want to make it, and the best part is that absolutely anyone can play.

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