POP Tennis is going Green by teaming up with Recycleballs.org.

Recycling old and balls that are deemed "unusable" will help to keep our planet clean. Through partnering with recycleballs.org, the POP Tennis Association will be offering programs where clubs and facilities will be able to ship away tennis balls in exchange for a tax deduction.

Do you have 100  or more tennis balls to recycle right now?  Want to bring some GREEN to your tennis event?  We’ll provide FREE  shipping labels and an instant tax deduction. Have over 1600 tennis balls? we’ll even provide free pre-paid shipping bins.

Are you an organization? 
The RecycleBalls QUICKSHIP Program provides a comprehensive no-cost tennis ball recycling solution including instructions, collection bins, customized posters, and ongoing support. We have even arranged for automatic pickup with pre-paid UPS shipping labels attached to every bin.