1. What is POP Tennis?

POP Tennis is the rebranding of 100-year-old paddle tennis, now made “POPular” and played on shorter tennis courts with shorter racquets, lower compression (green dot) tennis balls, the same scoring and rules as tennis, except for one underhand serve. It can be played indoors and outdoors and is very easy to learn. POP Tennis is a fun, social activity that adults and kids can play and enjoy—immediately! Simply grab a racquet and a ball and start playing.

 2. Why is it called POP Tennis?

After seeing and HEARING the game played once, you’ll agree why it is POP Tennis! POP Tennis’ namesake comes from the sound that the racquet makes when hitting a ball- it POPS! Click here to read about the name change from Paddle Tennis and History of POP Tennis.


3. Is POP Tennis easy to play? 

YES! POP Tennis YES! POP Tennis has a short learning curve—just pick up a racquet and have fun playing. POP Tennis can be played on existing tennis courts with the same scoring rules as tennis. Players can engage in a fun, social, healthy activity with friends and family. With a smaller court size, shorter length racquet and low compression balls, players quickly master the strokes and the sport.

4. Where do I find the POP Tennis rules?  

POP Tennis has the same rules as traditional tennis, except for one underhand serve! You can find a full list of official rules in the Rules section of our website here.

5. Where can I play POP Tennis? 

POP Tennis is played around the world! In fact, there are over 30,000 courts currently in the United States alone. Be sure to check out our Court Locator map to locate a POP Tennis Court near you. www.poptennis.com/map 

6. What court sizes are POP Tennis? 

The official POP Tennis court sizes are 60 ft. x 21 ft. for singles and 60 ft. x 27 ft. for doubles. Court size is 60 x 21 feet, which can be a standalone court or a full-size tennis court with blended lines, throw-down lines or tape set 9 feet in from either end of the baseline. 

To learn more about court sizes please view out Court and Equipment guide page for extensive court details and sketches. 

POP Classic (original Paddle Tennis) is played on a 50 ft. x 20 ft court. 

7. What type of ball is most commonly used for Pop tennis? 

In 2016, the POP Tennis Association declared the “green dot” tennis ball the official ball of POP Tennis. Green dot tennis balls are tennis balls with 25% less compression than a standard tennis ball. 8. What kind of Racquet/Paddle is used to play POP Tennis?

A POP Tennis racquet is made of solid composite material and contains no strings. It is usually textured and/or perforated. Official POP Tennis Racquets dimensions are limited to 18" in length and 9.5" in width.

9. What does it take to become a POP Ambassador?

We are always looking for new POP Ambassadors in new areas to help us grow the game of POP Tennis! Head over to our Ambassador’s page to learn a bit more about our Team POP! and Ambassador program expectations. www.poptennis.com/ambassadors

10. How do I bring POP tennis to by club?

Becoming a POP Club is very easy to do! Join thousands of other clubs around the nation that have seen the value of adding an alternative format of tennis to their club offerings by heading to the Team POP! section of our website to order a POP Demo Kit and register as an official POP Club. www.poptennis.com/clubs

11. I want to play POP Tennis for the first time where do I start?

First, take a look at the great videos and rules on the website in the “What is POP Tennis?” section of the site. Then, gear up and locate a court near you! Chances are there will be pickup games on the weekends.

We’ve found that our POP community very welcoming and enjoys teaching anyone that would want to play a drop-in game! You can also locate an ambassador in your area in the POP Member portal to coordinate a POP intro. Also, be sure to locate a club near you in our Court Locator to see if POP Tennis lessons are offered. Don’t hesitate to email and questions info@poptennis.com or message us on Facebook for instant response!

12. How do I build my own court?

Our fanatics love POP Tennis so much that we have had many people as how to build their own POP Tennis Court! Please email info@poptennis.com so we can put you in contact with a certified POP Tennis court builder.

13. What age groups play POP Tennis?

POP Tennis a fun, exciting, and quick sport for individuals of ALL ages to play and to enjoy for a lifetime!

Our POP members range from 5 to 95! We aren’t kidding! POP is the peoples game!

It is perfect for those who have not picked up a racquet or paddle before as well as those who have been raised playing tennis, but would like something with a bit less court to cover.

POP Tennis is also an excellent means for youth to learn how to play Tennis since the rules are identical. With a less lively ball, smaller court, and shorter racquet, it is easy for children to quickly attain mastery of their strokes, and thereby, gain empowering feelings of success, accomplishment, and confidence. It teaches them how to hit consistent groundstrokes, to volley, to move to the ball, to effectively strategize, and to compete.

14. Where can you purchase POP Racquets?

POP racquets can be purchased through plenty of online retailers as well as in our POP Shop. Be sure to view our Court and Equipment guide for more information on POP racquets.

15. Do you use the blended line doubles alleys?

On a blended line 60’ court, doubles alleys can be used when playing doubles, but it will be at the discretion of the tournament director to doubles alleys for official POP Tournament play.

16. Difference between POP Tennis and POP Classic?

The similarities between POP Tennis and POP Classic outweigh the differences by a long shot!

The same game is played, but on different size courts. POP Tennis is played on a 60 ft. x 21 ft. court- perfect for scaling down existing tennis courts because the net stays the same height at 36 inches! POP Classic is played on a slightly smaller court 50 ft. x 20 ft. and the net height is lowered 30 inches.

17. Where can I register for POP Tennis Tournaments?

The POP Tennis website is the ultimate resource for registering for tournaments and events. www.poptennis.com/tournaments will have information on upcoming tournaments and the POP member portal is where you will register upcoming tournaments and events.

18. Can I get a good workout playing POP Tennis?

YES! POP Tennis has all the right ingredients for a great fitness workout: long rallies, and a speed of play that can be very quick relative to skill level.